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Our Programmes

Mental Health Provision

We deliver mental health programmes, workshops and wellbeing activities to schools, community organisations and communities. We don't think it's just young people who need these tools, we train teachers and parents alike!

We provide early intervention counselling to schools, where our team utilise cognitive behavioural techniques to improve young people's mental health. 

We campaign for improved mental health services with a focus on early intervention and prevention because we believe prevention is better than cure. 

for schools

Mental Health for Schools

Our main workshops

Mental Health Awareness & Wellbeing

Our flagship workshop delivered to hundreds of children across the country!
Mental Health Awareness In this workshop we will explore mental health and the notion that we can all look after it!

Younger students will be introduced to anxiety and depression and those who are older will receive an in-depth look at these plus eating disorders and OCD.

Other mental illnesses may also be lightly introduced but the focus will be on the four previously mentioned. We will also discuss individual coping mechanisms, wellbeing and how to support those around you. Download our School Programme to find out more.

Why choose us?

DBS Checked

All of our volunteers are DBS checked, this keeps us child friendly. We want to keep both our volunteers and clients safe.

Professionally Trained

Our team of mental health professionals ensure that our team is trained and up to date with their information on mental health.

Our volunteers also undergo NHS health education training as part of their training process.

Monitored Content

Our clinicians ensure that our content is in line with the national guidelines, regularly updated and monitored. This ensures that what we do is professional and well delivered.

Safeguarding Trained

All of our staff have a level 2 qualification in Safeguarding meaning you can be confident that what we do is safe and there is a clear process in place if we are worried about any of your chlldren/young adults.

Donation-based Model

All of our sessions come at no cost to the school or organisation receiving them.

We like to ensure that we target all demographics and that no one is disadvantaged due to financial circumstances.

Donations are very welcome!

We would love to deliver our service your school.

Mental Health For Communities

We work in the community delivering mental health awareness workshops for places such as community centres, hospitals, religious organisations and businesses

Stress, Body Image and Self Esteem

This workshop discusses with students the unrealistic expectations portrayed in the media of the ‘perfect body image and the negative consequences of this on people’s mental health.


Students will learn about specific mental illnesses that can arise from believing they have to look a certain way to have worth, ways to build their confidence and self-esteem and how to feel comfortable with their appearance.

About our young & working adult focused workshops

Strategy planning

We can work with adults and young people to help develop goals and organisation sessions.
This can help reduce anxiety and stress and plan for when things might not be going so well.

Mental Health Awareness and Wellbeing

This workshop aims to increase awareness of mental health conditions, symptoms of specific illnesses and what can be done on a daily basis to support individuals in the workplace. Coping mechanisms and ways to promote positive wellbeing will also be discussed to provide practical ways to create and maintain a supportive, happy environment for all.

Work Life Balance

This explores techniques for managing an effective work life balance so that individuals become more productive and engaged at work. We will also look at resilience and coping with stress in the work place.

Managing Stress

Our adult and children friendly workshops focus on healthy stress busting tricks and tips alongside further support when needed. It encompasses holistic evidence based approaches to improve stress and anxiety.

We would love to deliver our service your community

Case Study

Blue Coat School, Liverpool


A holistic approach to school mental health

School Profile:

  • Top Grammar school in Merseyside

  • 1107 students

  • Co-educational


The Need:

  • High-Pressure Environment

  • Diverse school population

  • Ever-increasing demand for mental health support

  • Increased levels of bullying

  • Years of education affected by COVID-19

  • Low levels of resources to support young people’s mental health

To learn more about our approach and how we work with schools and community organisations:

(coming soon)

We would love to deliver our service your school and community

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